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The Akita Wiki, launched in April 2008, is a user-created wiki that aims to be a useful source of articles about Akita Prefecture, life in our unique region, and teaching English in Japan. Although this site mainly targets the Akita JET community, there is a broad range of material that we hope will be useful for hopeful and/or current JETs around Japan, as well as visitors to Akita.

Articles on the Akita Wiki here were created by countless people who have lived in Akita and know a thing or two about the prefecture, teaching ideas, etc.

Please keep in mind this site is not affiliated with the JET Programme or any governmental organization. It is simply the words and wisdom of the those who have experienced life in Akita Prefecture and are eager to share.

If you would like to share as well, please read the article on editing contents. Any questions, queries, quandaries, concerns or issues may be addressed to: akitawiki@gmail.com



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