Yuzawa City
Yuzawa in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area790.72 km²
Population49,538 (as of 2012-04-01)
TreeRed Pine (赤松)
FlowerCherry Blossom (桜)
City emblem
City Hall
MayorKohki Saito (斉藤光喜)
Address1-1 Satakechō, Yuzawa
Akita 012-8501
(〒012-8501 秋田県
Telephone☎ 0183-73-2111

Yuzawa (湯沢市; -shi) is a city located in the Southeastern corner of Akita Prefecture bordering Yamagata, Iwate, and Miyagi Prefectures, with the Ou Mountain Range being the primary physical border.

Yuzawa City is a merger of four areas: Yuzawa City, Inakawa, Minase, and Ogachi. Yuzawa, like many cities in Akita, is primarily an agricultural town with some small businesses, several factories and sake breweries. Yuzawa as a whole is most famous for being the presumed home of the of the famous and beautiful Waka Poet, Ono no Komachi, Inaniwa Udon Noodles, its excellent onsen located in the Akinomiya and Minase regions, and Yuzawa City's Grand Tanabata Festival in earlier August.

With an area of 790km², and a population of 49,538 (as of 2012) Yuzawa is rather spread out but has a densely populated city center.

Getting there

  • Train. Yuzawa is most easily accessible via the Ou Train line.
  • Car. Route 13 goes to the north and south. Highway 107, 108, and 398 connect east and west. The Yuzawa-Yokote Road connects to both the Akita Expressway and the Tohoku Expressway.
  • Bus. Yuzawa has local bus service to most major places in town, including nearly all schools. There are local buses to nearby towns, including Akita City, but they can be long and expensive compared to trains. There is also a bus to Sendai through Ugo Kotsu.

Fun facts

  • Yuzawa's sister city is Siegburg, Germany. Yuzawa has a street dedicated to Siegburg, and the two cities alternate sending students on a foreign exchange trip every fall.
  • Sumo wrestler Terukuni Manzō, the 38th Yokozuna, was born in Ogachi. He is the only sumo wrestler from Akita to become Yokozuna. Kiyokuni Katsuo, who reached Ozeki (2nd highest rank), was also from Ogachi.
  • Chief Cabinet Secretary, 2nd in Command to Abe Shinzo, Yoshihide Suga was born in the Akinomiya region of Yuzawa. However, overall he isn't very well-liked due to his extreme views.

Festivals & Events

  • Takoage Taikai (凧揚げ大会). Kite flying competition. On the 3rd Sunday in March from 10am. More info.
  • Komachi Matsuri (小町祭り). In Ogachi Town. First Weekend in June. Beautiful festival well worth the trip. The cannon-fired popcorn is recommended.
  • Daimyo Gyourestu (大名行列). End of August. A throwback from the Edo period. Commemorates the parade for the return of the local Daimyo from his half-year residence in Edo. However, children fill the roles of samurai, priests, and daimyo.
  • Tanabata Edoro Festival (七夕絵灯ろう祭り). August 5th - 7th. Normal tanabata festivities, but Yuzawa's include a few back-lit paintings, done by locals on incredibly thin paper. Music, dance contests, and plenty of places to eat and drink.
  • Ogachi Fireworks Festival (雄勝花火). Beginning of August. Highly recommended, a great fireworks festival where you can sit nice and close to all of the action. Not quite Omagari, but still worth the trip.
  • Shigakko Matsuri (しがっこ祭り). Shigakko is one of the words for icicle in Akita-ben, and that was the original intent of this festival. Drive all the way to Minase to view the frozen waterfall near Oyasukyo. After that continue the drive up the street to the main ground and get some food and watch the dance and neiga show.
  • Inukko Matsuri (犬っ子祭り). Second weekend of February. Wonderful winter festival with dozens of snow sculptures of dogs, small fireworks displays, delicious food, and free local sake in the warming tent. After the fireworks are over feel free to walk up the lantern-lit mountain path. Starts in late afternoon to early evening, though the sculpture site is open and visible all day. Plenty of people bring their dogs to be blessed at the snow shrines or just have fun, and one day of the festival sees a huge official gathering of dogs with owners from all over Japan. Definitely worth seeing for an animal lover.
  • Akinomiya Kadaru Festival (かだる雪まつり). In February (Date varies). Kadaru (かだる) means “to join/participate” in Akita-ben. This little-known festival takes place at the old ski slope next to Akinomiya Sanso. When you turn off of 13 onto 108 you will be guided by mini kamakura along the road the entire way there. At the festival, the entire ski slope is covered in mini kamakura lanterns that put Yokote's to shame. A very small, cozy festival. Go there with other ALTs, or try to speak with the friendly locals. Around 9:00 there are fireworks to end the night.

Sightseeing & Activities

Oyasukyo Daifundō
  • Kawarage Ōyutaki (川原毛大湯滝). Follow a 10 minutes trail downstream to an onsen waterfall. You can bathe in the water directly under the waterfall. There is also an onsen slightly upstream from the parking area.
  • Oyasukyo Daifundō (小安峡大噴湯). Descend into a beautiful valley and walk along by the river where steam and hot water erupt.
  • Power Water (力水). Pumps forth from the bowels of Yuzawa bringing with it all of the mysterious powers you can imagine. Right in front of city hall just opposite the festival ground.
  • Mt. Kurikoma. Shared with Higashinaruse, Mt. Kurikoma is a great hike for beginners, and looks particularly stunning when climbed in the fall.
  • Karaoke. There are two 100 yen Karaoke joints on the number 13 road when driving towards Jumonji. One is on the left and the next on the right. Just look for the giant cat character. The second karaoke place also has table tennis coupled with a small batting and pitching range.
  • Golf Driving Range. Just head down 13 and you will see the driving range on your right after you pass the second karaoke place. It is just before the Jumonji bypass.
  • Park Golf. You get polo-like mallets and large balls. It is only two hundred yen and something to do when you are bored or looking for something to do on a chill weekend afternoon. You can find this place hiding behind the Yuzawa Cultural Center (湯沢文化会館) in a wooden round hut. The center is located on Highway 398, the same road as Tsutaya. Just go past Tsutaya and under the bridge and you will see it on your right. Course is open until 5pm, but 4:30 is "last call." Enjoy!


  • Kawarage Ōyutaki (川原毛大湯滝).
  • Tarobee Ryokan (多郎兵衛旅館). Homepage website. ☎ 0183-47-5016. 秋田県湯沢市皆瀬字湯元121-5. A ryokan with several onsen. Map.
  • Taka no Yu Onsen (鷹ノ湯温泉). ☎ 0183-56-2141. 秋田県湯沢市秋ノ宮字殿上1. A great onsen and ryokan in the Akinomiya region (SE Yuzawa), which is highly recommended for fall leaf season. It's located near a beautiful gorge and a man made waterfall. It has an indoor and outdoor bath each for men and women, and there's also a mixed konyoku bath near the gorge. Map. 11AM-2PM.
  • Akinomiya Onsen Kyō (秋ノ宮温泉郷). Homepage website. ☎ 0183-56-2608. 〒019-0321 秋田県湯沢市秋ノ宮. Map.
  • Akinomiya Sanso (秋の宮山荘). Homepage website. 秋田県湯沢市秋ノ宮字殿上1-1. Upscale hotel that has an amazing onsen for ¥600. The dressing area has couches for relaxing along with massage chairs (¥100 for 10 minutes). Inside the onsen there is a sauna, waterfall thing you can stand under, and about 5 different bath choices. One of the choices is a lounge chair where you can lay back and enjoy the whirlpool bubbles that will turn on regularly. There is also an outdoor bath.


  • Aeon Center. Located in Yamada. This quasi-mall is where you will go for all the stuff you can't get in the smaller stores. It has a large Daiso and a small food court inside. The bakery there is quite nice as well.
  • Komeri (コメリ). On Highway 13 near the junction with Highway 398. Hardware store with a big rooster on it. This place usually has pretty decent prices and sales for hardware and housewares.
  • Big Frek. Large grocery store with a 100円 shop and small arcade on the top floor.
  • Yoneya (よねや). In Yamada near Aeon. Smaller grocery store than Big Frek. Some of the hard to find produce is sold here.
  • Gran Mart. In the same shopping center as Tsutaya and Softbank. Smaller but a bit more classy than the Frek.
  • Cafe Gita. website. ☎ 0183-79-3260. 秋田県湯沢市相川字中山28. Delicious fair trade organic coffee from around the world, roasted in small batches right here in Yuzawa. By car, take Highway 13 south toward Shinjo and bear left at the split on to the "Fruits Line." Follow for about 10 minutes then turn left at the sign for Cafe Gita. The shop is the shack at the top of the hill with the dog out front. You can buy as whole beans or the owner will grind it for you. Info about their available coffees is printed in English on their easy to navigate website, or on the (Japanese) menu. So now you can get a real cappuccino, espresso, lattes, and delicious cake. A nice place to have a coffee and relax. Map. 10AM-8PM.
  • Nakano Shoten. At the intersection of San-road and 277. Has a decent selection of fine cigars (mostly from Cuba, but some from other locales as well). Humidors, cutters, punches, cases, lighters, matches, pipes, and all your other smoking needs can be met at this shop owned by some very kind people. Smoking is allowed at the small tables in this shop.
  • Daiso (The ¥100 Store). Located between Tsutaya and Gran Mart. Biggest ¥100 store in Yuzawa. Open 9am-9pm.
  • Yakuodo. Located right next to the Royal Hotel, diagonal from Big Freck. It's actually a drug store, but they sell food there, some of which is much cheaper than grocery stores (cereal, for example). In the past they have carried Lay's chips, though they mysteriously vanished one day :(

Local restaurants


  • Ajio (味王). 秋田県湯沢市表町2丁目1-23
    ☎ 0183-73-4476
    Translates as "taste king." Ramen is not bad, but the main attractions here are the wontons, gyoza, and chahan. The master and his wife are a sweet and comic duo, just don't let her kiss you because she won't stop. Located right across from Bier Bar Rosso Corsa near the station.
  • Ichibou (一坊). 秋田県湯沢市柳町1丁目1-8
    ☎ 0183-73-2479
    Tiny soba place on Omachi road, just past the intersection with san-road. Reasonable prices with decent enough food. The miso soup that comes with their ricebowls is quite good, if you like mushrooms.
  • Suzuya (鈴屋)
    Located right across from the Bunkakaikan, the shoyu ramen is whats recommended here. Caution, this ramen is VERY oily. If you like oily ramen, dig in.
  • Yamagami (やまがみ)
    Located on 277 right across from 4or Style. Lots of good options, but you can't go wrong with the house ramen, or the chashu negi miso. Most are tonkotsu base. Gyoza are cheap as well. Open for lunch 11-2, then for late dinner 6-11.
  • Chojuken (長寿軒)
    2 locations in Yuzawa. One back behind Cowbell (the original) and one right on San-road next to the toy and hobby store. At the 2nd Chojuken there is more variety, but the ramen isn't as flavorful.


  • Hirozushi (広寿司). 秋田県湯沢市表町1-4-11. 0183-73-4133. Old style sushi in an old style atmosphere. The master here is rather young (thus his karate-flick-reminiscent nickname "young master") and is a wonderful guy. The sushi is arguably the best in Yuzawa.
  • Matsui (まつ井). 秋田県湯沢市表町3丁目1-5. 0183-73-2277. Very nice sushi restaurant with decent prices and generous cuts. Hata-hata is available, but no less gross at this restaurant. Located on German Street right near the intersection with 13.


  • Uohiko (魚彦). Chain Izakaya. Decent, and reliable. They have some pretty good stuff, but it can get a little crowded at times.
    秋田県湯沢市大町1-2-33 ☎ 018-379-5546
  • Bellami (べら味.) Decent izakaya with a few delicious Thai themed dishes and a wonderful sake selection. Right across the street from the Fire Station. the fried chillies and red dipping sauce are pretty hot, but also pretty good. The spicy sausages, and spicy fried potatoes are also a recommendation.
    秋田県湯沢市材木町1丁目1-42 ☎ 0183-73-1291
  • Suzuya (すゞや). Nice little Izakaya right near the ALT apartment. Mix of traditional and newer izakaya foods. Be careful if you reserve the upstairs room, as the phone you order from gets really weird radio interference which is both irritating and counterproductive.
    秋田県湯沢市田町2丁目1-8 ☎ 0183-73-9962
  • Bistro Yuya (びすとろ遊家). Located in the つぼ八building next to the tobacco shop at the corner of san-road and 277. On the second floor. Go past the ramen shop, but beware of the unmarked door, it is a secret hostess bar and sometimes people will be passed out in front of it. Food is decent, atmosphere is OK as well, but can get a bit pricey.
    秋田県湯沢市大町2丁目1-3 ☎ 0183-79-5477
  • Hozuki (ほおづき). Quaint little side street izakaya. Don't let the kindness of the owners, all of the letters from high school students plastered on the bathroom walls, or the Disney character zabutons fool you. What lurks behind the counter will challenge your gaijin stomach's mettle. If you're are gastronomically adventurous then this is the place for you. Cow heart sashimi, chicken stomach yakitori, raw squid stomach packed with a thus-far-unidentified grayish paste, boiled pig uterus, raw cow liver, fresh raw horse... the list goes on. Best horumon (pig offal) in Yuzawa. Popular place for JTE's to take their ALT's for a bit of culinary internationalization. (normal food available on request, but not nearly as fun)
    秋田県湯沢市表町3丁目294 ☎ 0183-72-3991
  • Kagura The food is OK, the beer is standard price and the atmosphere is standard Izakaya. Only down side is the limited space.
    Right in front of the Grand Hotel.
  • Niban Kura (二番蔵). AKA, gansta Izakaya/all night izakaya On Route 13, just across from the gnome. The interior is kind of run down, and the food is OK, but the best part is that its open all night. That means until after the sun comes up. HOWEVER, enter at your own risk. The best drinking stories of Yuzawa tend to involve and be made with the people you are bound to meet here. So if you want the party to keep going, this is probably the only place to do it. An all night run of Yuzawa is hardly complete without a visit. The mama-san is used to working with gaikokujin now and likes to have a conversation with you if you aren't too far gone. Sometimes gifts of interesting (generally gross) food will appear before you here. Don't get the shrimp gratin... it's pretty much all mayonnaise.
    秋田県湯沢市表町1丁目4-17 ☎ 0183-72-6862
  • Kura Kura (蔵々). Head north on 277 and just after san-road you will turn left down an alley and see an old Edo-style store house. This is Kura Kura. The food is good, the atmosphere is unique, and the nama beer comes in cool ceramic mugs. What more could you want?
    秋田県湯沢市柳町2丁目1-52 ☎ 0183-78-0372

Foreign & Other

  • Le Croissant (ル・クロワッサン). 秋田県湯沢市愛宕町4丁目1-31. 0183-73-9603. Nice restaurant with decent pasta and set plates. 500円 Tazawako beers. There is a rumour that the owner was an amateur trombone player.
  • Akemiya Korean Food(あけみ家韓国料理). 秋田県湯沢市杉沢新所字砂田4-4. 0183-72-3085. Located on 13 just north of Yuzawa's center. Delicious and reasonably priced. Run by a Korean family but also staffed with Chinese waitstaff. The staff is very friendly (especially since everyone shares their foreign status) and will throw recommendations at you without question. Be careful -- the parking lot is very small and is bordered by a ditch.
  • Il Trullo (イル・トゥルッロ). Italian. Map. 0183-72-0535. 11:30-1:30, 6-10, closed Sun. Brilliant Italian food cooked by an Italian chef. The chef loves to talk, but doesn't speak much Japanese and even less English, but other than that he's a great guy.
  • Pizza Company 秋田県湯沢市柳町2丁目2-48. 0183-73-1919. Yuzawa's delivery Pizza place. It's not that bad, and there are plenty of options that don't include mayonnaise, lettuce, or corn.
  • Ajisai Foodstop (あじさい食亭). 秋田県湯沢市湯ノ原1丁目 1−2. 0183-73-4828. Quaint little diner north of city hall. Coming from the north on the IC, turn left, go over the bridge, through two intersections until you reach Shohoku High School. Park in the Sunkus parking lot near Shohoku. Walk down the left side of the street opposite Shohoku and you will run into it. The soups are good, but the curry is the main attraction. Spicier and with more flavor that your normal Japanese curry. Although the curry is decidedly Japanese style, the sets come with naan and a salad. The food is great, the master is a nice guy (who lets you know when you need to watch the waistline,) and the prices are fair for the portions given.
  • Ken's Cafe. Located across from Tsutaya on the big main road. The coffee is good and during lunch time you can order set meals that are actually prepared in the restaurant next to the cafe. The good thing about this cafe is that it is the only cafe with big windows that look out onto the street.
  • Cowbell. In the Big Frek Shopping Plaza. This ice cream shop serves various types of soft cream, milk shakes, ice cream dishes, and crepes, made with local Kurikoma milk. Very, very rich, but also pretty darn good and cost effective. A gift from the Shinto Gods during the summer.
  • Yamaya (やまや). A chain liquor store that also carries a good supply of foreign foods. Located right next to Tsutaya on 398. Open until 9pm.
  • Gyu Gen Tei (焼肉炉満)
    Yakiniku restaurant. Great selection of meat and sides. A great place for a nicer night out. Fun experience. Located on 398 on the way to Gran Mart right before Do! Sports. website
  • Tohka Bakery (籐花) map Located in a 140 year old samurai house. Owner is nice and speaks a good amount of English. Her bakery consists mostly of online orders, but she sells out of her house on Fridays from 10am-5pm and Saturdays from 9am-4pm. Great bagels and all-natural ingredients.website (Japanese)

Chain restaurants

All of Yuzawa's main chain restaurants are located on Route 13, they are currently listed in order from North to South. With the exception of the Sukiya which is on 398.

  • Gusto (Skylark). If you're in Yuzawa and you have no means to get out of Yuzawa (or you're lazy) AND you crave something that resembles a Salvador Dali inspired Western style meal, Gusto is your place. The Western food wouldn't pass in the west; but, here it's pretty good. It's got a great location across from Big Frek on the main drag through Yuzawa, but other than that, the food isn't all that special. Of particular note, however, besides the Gangsta Izakaya, this is one of the only restaurants open all night. If one is having a late night, this is one of your options. The endless drink bar is also particularly good.
  • Kappa Sushi (かっぱ寿司). Sushi is one hundred and five yen a plate. Although the fish is cut a little thin, the variety is excellent. You can either take your pick from the conveyor belt or order via computer screen and the Kappa Sushi "Express Shinkansen" will bring out your order very quickly (you will know it when you see it).
  • Sukiya (すき家). Off of the IC, on the first road you intersect when coming into Yuzawa from the north, turn right and you will see this restaurant on your right. It's a 24 hour rice bowl restaurant.


There are many bars in Yuzawa but Pocket, Marvi, and Rosso are the Big 3 for the hip young crowd in Yuzawa. It must also be noted that the capacity for these bars goes in reverse order with Marvi having the most room and Rosso Corsa having the least.

As for snack bars, there are plenty of snack bars and a few hostess bars in Yuzawa, and they range from seedy to decent. If you're down ask some locals and they'll give you a recommendation depending on your tastes.

  • Pocket Bar. 秋田県湯沢市表町2丁目1-21. 0183-73-0200. Right in front of the station. Nice classy atmosphere, great selection of scotch. With fair prices (for Japan.) The bartenders are always professional, sometimes to the point of acting like robots. If you are looking for a place to have nice drinks and conversation with your buddies, and not have the bartender talk your ear off, then this is the place. (insider's tip: The menu is not the end of their scotch selection. In fact they are sometimes out of what they have on the menu. Ask for a special recommendation and you might end up with a wonderful (albeit expensive) 35 year Islay single malt.) If Sinatra came to Yuzawa this is where he'd be drinking.
  • Marvi Darts Bar. Also right in front of the station. Reasonable prices. Electronic Darts and some TV's. Lots of drink choices and reasonably priced Carlsburg drafts. The waitresses (Sakiko and Ayumi) are very nice and will help you when you inevitably become confused with the electronic dart games. It's worth noting that many people who come to marvi come for the darts. They can get super serious about it, but usually don't mind foreigners bumbling around with the machines. The staff is usually quite helpful in this matter. Sakiko and Ayumi are very nice and knowledgeable about ghosts, so feel free to ask. They have an in-house darts competition on the first Sunday of every month. Entry fee is a 2,000yen. Marvi is also the only non-snack bar open on Sundays. Their menu also has everything written in English for your convenience. If Tom Arnold came to Yuzawa this is where he'd go.
  • Beer Bar Rosso Corsa (ロッソコルサ). 秋田県湯沢市表町2丁目1-23. 0183-72-3661. Known as just "Rosso" or "Ross" for short, it also is right in front of the station, and across the street from Marvi. Very wide seasonal beer selection. Bass Ale on tap and without a doubt the best bottled beer selection in Akita. Anything from fine trappist ales, to American steam beer, and everything in between. ¥500 for seasonal appetizer (winter is best, as it brings handmade creamy blue cheese pizzas) and sitting fee. Happy hour everyday 7-9, no sitting fee. The master cannot be explained, he must be experienced. (insiders tip: ask him if he has any cheeses in stock. he usually has one or two amazing aged cheeses and will share if asked.) He knows a smattering of English. It should be noted that this is not a place to go for quiet conversation. The master is the traffic director of all things verbal. His pricing system really ends up being what he thinks you should pay at the end of the night, and strangers always pay more than friends. So just let him do his thing, and follow the conversation flow, and your bill will probably be lower. If a random biker from New Mexico came to Yuzawa you would probably find him here.
  • Kushigoro (串ごろ). 秋田県湯沢市表町4丁目1-1. 0183-72-2288. Located on route 13 a few blocks north of the station. It is a small jazz bar that seats about 8 people comfortably. The master speaks very little English, but is a brilliant guy and is a blast to talk with. The music is always great, except for when female patrons the master thinks are cute request he endlessly loop short clips of enka music, then it sucks. The kushikatsu and curry are good at this place. Prices depend on how good a conversationalist you are, but are usually reasonable. If Tom Waits came to Yuzawa he'd probably go here.
  • Soir If you want bust out the jams while you're drinking Soir is the recommended place. The price usually ends up being about 2000yen for unlimited shochu drinks and karaoke. The mama-san is one sassy beast, as are her customers. If one heads north on 13 from the station one will find Soir on the left side up a flight of stairs. If Carlton from the fresh prince of bel-air came to Yuzawa, he'd be drinking here.
  • White Cats White Cats is a darts/karaoke/seedy hang out bar - and the best in the business if that's what you're looking for in Yuzawa. The owner is wild and crazy (one only has to attend a Marvi darts tournament once to realize this) but a great guy who will try to ensure that you have a good time. The karaoke selection here is equivalent to Soir but, lacking the nomihodai, the drinks are more expensive. It's a good time but a bit distant from the station and in an obscure spot that isn't easy to spot. When leaving the station, walk straight up the street to the second intersection (Marvi is on the north-west corner). Turn north and walk to German Street (the one with faux-German architecture) and cross the street. It should be on the right side about halfway down the street.
  • B Flat B Flat is a bit more obscure than the other bars in Yuzawa, but worthwhile on it's own. It's located near Soir. The atmosphere is classy and the bartender is professional. If Pocket and Rosso had a baby, B Flat would be their love child. The atmosphere is significantly quieter and more laid-back. If you're looking for a quiet night and don't mind the higher prices, this is your place.
  • Ocean Ocean is around the corner from Soir, on the right side, across from Beef Man. It's on the part of German Street that doesn't have the fake German architecture. It's run by a younger group of guys (who also tend to frequent the dance club in Yokote) and they play MTV Japan all night. The food is pretty good, the guys are interesting, the atmosphere is very Hawai'i surf and it's worth a second look. If you crave being around young people, this is the place for you.
  • The (cheap) Beer Garden During the summer, a local family opens a beer garden on the roof of the building that houses Marvi. Free edamame when you enter and decent prices. A seating fee is unheard-of and they have plenty of room for a large group. The food is decently priced and offers a fairly wide selection of bar snacks. Opens at around 7pm and closes at around midnight. If Roseanne came to Yuzawa, you would find her here.
  • The (expensive) Beer Garden On the top of the Royal Hotel ロヤルホテル (the one with the light up sign) there's a beer garden with an impressive view of the area. Food and drink is vastly overpriced for this reason. Come here if you're willing to drop an arm and a leg.

Insider information on the bars: If one came to Yuzawa for the night of their lives the night would follow as such: Bellami ----> Rosso ----> Marvi ----> Soir ----> Gangsta Izakaya ----> a place to sleep for the day. This functions as "The Yuzawa Special".

Bellami has a very interesting blend of food and drink and you can eat there for a decent price. The servers are all good people and you will certainly be treated well. Rosso is expensive; but, the beer is quality and the conversation is great. It should be the first place you go because you will want to remember what these beer taste like. Marvi comes third. Sakiko and Ayumi will take good care of you, feed you small snacks, and school you at darts; but, love talking to and hanging out with foreigners. Soir comes next. By this point, your inhibitions about singing in front of people should have been drowned in a pool of alcohol so the requests for random songs and the wonderful food served by Soir Mama (Satou-san) will not go un-appreciated. Finally, the Gangsta Izakaya ends your night for the cool down and the sunrise. Bonus points if you climb the hill behind Yuzawa to watch the sun as it rises.


  • Yuzawa Bible Baptist Church. Located two buildings down from Hokuto Bank with the big cross above the front door. Service is in Japanese, but the pastor speaks a little English. There are also 3 English speakers. Everyone is extremely welcoming. Service is at 10:30am on Sundays.


High Schools

(C) - Central Yuzawa High School ALT (O) - Outer Yuzawa High School ALT

Junior high schools

(N) - Northern Yuzawa JHS ALT (S) - Southern Yuzawa JHS ALT (O) - Outer Yuzawa JHS ALT

Elementary schools

  • Higashinaruse Elementary 東成瀬村立東成瀬中学校**

** Although these schools are not in Yuzawa city, Yuzawa ALTs have traditionally taught at these schools.

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