Entering JET

Akita Prefecture, tucked away in the north-western part of Tohoku in Japan along the sea, is famous for 3 things: rice, sake, and beautiful women. Every year 30-40 fresh new faces make their way from abroad to this fantastic land to be part of the local community as participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program.

Applying for JET

For those interested in becoming an ALT or CIR and working in Akita, the official JET page and your home country's Japanese consulate will likely have more useful information than the humble editors of this site can provide.

JETs who have been placed in Akita

First and foremost, congratulations! Those who come to Akita soon realize that this prefecture (though they may have never heard of it) is truly a hidden gem. The residents, scenery, and four distinct seasons make Akita a welcoming place both for foreign residents and visitors alike.

Those who have just found out that they have been placed in the autumn rice field should check out the prefecture's page on this wiki, join the Akita JET Facebook Group, as well as the useful links below in the entering bar. If you have any specific questions, post in the group! There will be a plethora of sempai Akita JETs to reply.

The Akita JET Program also has an internal organization system called blocks, as well as prefectural advisors to provide support for Akita JETs. They are managed in cooperation with the International Affairs Division of Akita Prefecture, the department that oversees the Akita JET Program, and will be a great resource for you during your time as a JET.

We look forward to meeting you!

Akita on YouTube

Akita Joho is Akita JET's Official YouTube Channel. Take a look around Akita and see how much fun the JET Programme in Akita is!

General Information Handbook (GIH)

The General Information Handbook (GIH) is a comprehensive resource about the JET Programme for JET participants and contracting organisations. This bilingual publication is sent to new JET participants in their home countries before they depart for Japan.

In addition to general information about understanding JET terms and conditions, Status of Residence/Period of Stay, taxes, and insurance, the GIH also contains information that can assist you with your everyday life in Japan.

The GIH is printed in both English and Japanese side-by-side so that JET participants and contracting organisations can use it as a tool to facilitate communication.

Copies can be downloaded from the JET Programme Website.

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